Author: Satish Rao

Satish Rao is an Author, keynote speaker, business strategist and life coach. With an industry experience spanning more than a decade, his last assignment was being the Head of Operations of a Large Delivery Centre based out of Bangalore. He then chose the Entrepreneurial Path to leverage his industry experience as well as serve his higher purpose of transforming the lives of people. It has been close to a decade now since he has been working as a Professional Coach with high profile Executives and helping them get to their breakthrough in the areas that matter the most to them. His niche area is to help professionals get unstuck and find a more meaningful purpose in their lives. He genuinely understands when clients say that they are looking for a change, but don't know what it is or how to achieve it or keep postponing it for a tomorrow which never comes. He has been there, done that and got the badge.