• What is EDIT.?

EDIT. is a repository of short write-ups written and curated by SpeakIn experts. These will be published on a SpeakIn exclusive platform named EDIT. on a regular basis.

  • Is EDIT. a magazine?

EDIT. is not a magazine. It is a compilation of editorial contributions in which our different experts can share their knowledge and expertise in over 72 different genres like financial services, technology, governmental issues, entertainment, etc. The contribution can be in the form of videos, interviews and articles according to the experts’ ease and comfort.

  • What will be the frequency of publication of EDIT.?

EDIT. is an ongoing platform, updated daily.

  • What are the different platforms where I can access EDIT.?

You can access EDIT. from our official website ( The links to key EDIT. blogs and platform are separately shared with our subscribers and others through our weekly newsletters.

  • How do I publish my article in EDIT.?

You can mail your article at or you can contact us at +91 9810735754.

  • What is the word limit for an article to be published in EDIT.?

The maximum word limit for any written article is 300-500 words.

  • Is there any fee applicable for subscribing to EDIT.?

No there will be no charges applicable for subscribing EDIT. It’s a free knowledge sharing platform producing the highest quality content.

  • What will be the benefit of EDIT. to the author?

The benefits to the author will be:

  1. The author will get a platform to share their expertise and knowledge with the relevant audience on a regular basis. This will enable them to share the recent happenings in their areas of study and expertise.
  2. The author’s work will get an exposure to a larger audience thereby helping him/ her get recognition and acknowledgement of their work.
  3. EDIT. will also help the author to connect with the persons with similar interests.
  • What are the different genres that an author can write about in EDIT.?

There are more than 72 genres to choose from. You can take up any topic related to your expertise or any current topic. You can also review or write something particularly new.

  • Can I submit more than one article?

Yes, you can submit more than one article.

Keep writing, keep SpeakIn!