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Leadership in the Age of Post-Truth

Leadership has acquired interesting dimensions in this era of post-truth where public opinions are shaped more by subjective perceptions than by objective realities.

The Oxford dictionary defines post-truth as an adjective ‘relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief’.

In this brave new world the distinction between truth and falsehood often gets blurred; between black and white there are ample shades of gray.

Thus, we find leaders making assertions, which are not absolute truths, but too benign to be termed lies either. Brexit and the US elections 2016 are burning examples of alternative facts impacting the masses and shaping the future of nations.

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7 Characteristics of a Startup


  1. We suck at #compliance. Most of us can’t tell indirect taxes from direct ones and GST?
  1. #Employees take us for granted. We aren’t great paymasters and have no brand name. We are thus ever so gullible for a bunch of mother teresa rebirth’s who have sacrificed their social security to be with us.
  1. Our hottest social invitation is a conference with the word #investor in its tag line. This is our only gateway to heaven.
  1. We count our pennies. Every #expense is weighed against how many months will the residual last us.